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Best Practices Video
  A Perfectly Designed Training Program ...        
    is often restricted by your budget and the strain of taking workers off the job.
ActionSystems designs affordable training programs that also fit your capacity to train.
    We can train anyone in any skill, using the latest industry best practices, through on-site
facilitation or by your own locally-led trainers using custom-designed DVD programs.

Some of our most popular programs are:
Best Practices video clip    
SALES TRAINING:  Learners understand why customers buy and what they value, then create artful conversations from identifying needs through high-impact questions, to compelling and persuasive recommendations, closing, and onboarding tactics. Plenty of practice in this lively workshop, from a half day to two days of intensive work.  Your customer data and research form the basis for all discussion and practice activities.      
MARKET MANAGEMENT:  Integrates the business objectives of executive, marketing, and training to help local managers create market plans, using customer and market data, competitive shops, customer surveys, and interviews.  Initial management consultation activities are followed by workshops to help managers implement and measure success. This program takes place over a 14-week period.      
SALES MANAGEMENT:  Workshops begin with management consensus on the approaches to leading a winning sales team. There are no mindless routines or performance drills. Instead, learners are helped to create sales plans, defining the skills, activities, and commitment required from their teams and then practice activities that drive top performance.  Half the workshop is devoted to coaching techniques and practice.      
NEGOTIATING TO CLOSE:  Learners understand customer objectives, and how to position the need to discuss alternatives, offer multiple solutions, and provide different pathways to yes.  The focus is not on price haggling, but on the communication skills to learn what’s behind resistance to buy.  Participants work on real deals in the workshop and leave with plans for successful on-the-job calls.      
CALL CENTER:  We discuss your goals and performance for volume, capacity, sales, satisfaction, handle time, and abandonment, then create a workshop for the target areas.  Script practice creates powerful dialogs for inbound and outbound sales and service.  Sessions include live customer and prospect calls, with emphasis on cross-sell, overcoming objections, retention, complaint resolution, and value creation [view video].      
MAKING EFFECTIVE REFERRALS:  Making a referral is not a difficult skill, but many front-line staff such as tellers, are unwilling.  The ActionSystems® program addresses the comfort level of the staff member and provides an easy set of “quick questions” to gain permission to learn about customer preferences.  Learners practice each of your product and service referrals in this half-day workshop.