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  Gregory LaMothe, Managing Principal of ActionSystems, worked for more than a decade with the original ActionSystems, founded in 1979.  He served as Senior Vice President, Consulting for the company when it was sold in 2000 to Xchange, a Massachusetts-based software company that specialized in market campaign management.      
  “I was the last business consultant to remain with the company back then and it bothered me that the customer-centric approach to sales training, all those powerful and popular programs and the ActionSystems name, would disappear from the market.  So I bought the name and created an entirely new training curriculum.  ActionSystems successfully delivers these new programs with the same dedication to client service that the original company was noted for," said LaMothe, who partners with many of the former ActionSystems team.      
  Gregory’s expertise is in human performance technology as it relates to marketing, sales, and customer management.  Combining his background and experience in instructional design, training development, and facilitation skills, with his industry expertise in marketing, banking, and manufacturing, he has helped many companies change organizational behavior and present a customer-centric delivery system to their marketplace.  He has worked with over 30 financial institutions in retail and commercial banking in the United States, UK, South America, and Australia as lead consultant, and has published numerous articles on market competence in American Banker, Commercial Lending Review, and other marketing publications.    
  His focus with ActionSystems today is training in communication skills and professional practices:  “Whether it’s training negotiation skills to teleconsultants handling medical payments for insurance companies, or designing a sales process for a car theft recovery company, the fundamentals of training needs assessment and design are the same,” said LaMothe.  “If a company has a performance obstacle that can be remedied through training, we can create a program to get it back on track.”    
  When he is not working on solutions for clients, Gregory devotes his energy to competitive distance running.  He has completed
30 marathons, including six “Bostons.”  He and his wife and family live in Coppell, Texas.